Balloon decor is a totally new way to wow your guest!
More than just balloons!
Balloon Arches -Entrance ways- Stages- Head Tables- Dance Floors
Balloon arches are used as decorations for all kinds of events and special occasions. The uses of a balloon
arch are as varied as the colors and styles they come in. The balloons used in arches differ too. The
balloons can be of either latex or foil (mylar), or a combination of both. The balloons can be either air-filled or
helium filled.  My Fiesta Supplies will help you determine the best choice for your event and budget.

A balloon arch placed outside an entranceway or doorway not only lets your guests know “this is the
place!,” but also tells your guests there is something special going on inside.

Balloon arches are used as decorations to enhance important areas of an event. They are placed over
registration tables, head tables. We’ve designed balloon arches for stages, dance floors and outdoor events.
My Fiesta Supplies
Balloon Art & Decor